Santa Fe Train

  • I think of times when I was young
  • I traveled near and far
  • it doesn’t seem so long ago
  • I saw the world from a railroad car
  • for many years, rode the line
  • through the boone’s lick
  • the great train would roll
  • cross fields of grain, muddy river plain
  • my heart would often go
  • (chorus)
  • the engineer’s hair is gray
  • the worn out engine can’t even go slow
  • I listen for that lonesome sound
  • can’t you hear that whistle blow
  • I spy ten boxcars silent and still
  • they remind me of yesterday
  • their rusted frames worn and bent
  • faded letters read Santa Fe
  • the great steam engine’s quiet and cold
  • the metal chimes in the howling wind
  • the boiler’s rusted, whistle cracked
  • never hear her blow again

© ©Chris Brashear, House of Hollis Music, ASCAP

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